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Wichita Liberty’s Page about Wichita’s Tea Party

Wichita Liberty Tea Party Page

Register for the Wichita Tax Day Tea Party

Register for Wichita Tax Day Tea Party

Pass this link on to friends and family. Invite them to visit this blog or the national site.

Wichita Tea Party Facebook

Wichita Tea Party Facebook

Tell Washington Enough is Enough!

Join your fellow Kansans Wednesday April 15th at the Airport Post Office from 4:15 to 8:00.
Come and go as you can. Food and drinks will be provided.
Millions of Americans will be turning over their hard earned money to a bloated, ineffective and wasteful government.
We can’t drown our kids in debt.
We can’t spend our way out of debt.
Its time to unclog the system!
Use this pdf link to invite others. Tax Day Invite PDF

Invite to nationwide Tea Parties on April 15